Blog Moved

Hi Friends,

As you know, this blog is hosted @ Blogspot. It's a good platform for newbies, but if you need more control over your blog, it's not the right option.

I've always wanted to switch to Wordpress with a self-hosted domain. I know WordPress gives me a lot more power than Blogger. I've seen many of my friends switch over to their own domain from a free hosting platform, once their blog has gained momentum. I've done the same.

Henceforth, will not be updated.
I've moved to and this blog will live there forever, I hope so.
As for the RSS Feed, there's no change and it will be available as usual at

Thanks to Srinivasan Paul Joseph of Isha Technologies for sponsoring me the site.

Hope you all give the blog your continued support. And please spare some time to update your blogrolls if you've provided me a link. :-)

VeZoom: Video Search Engine

Millions of videos. Scattered across the web.

VeZoom is a video search engine.

Short for Video Zooming, this search engine fetches videos from over twenty services on the web and brings them right to your desk for watching. The technology is under constant development, and you could look out for some good improvements as it evolves.

Keep tuned to VeZoom: Comprehensive Video Search Engine

Pledgie: Helping you help others

Pledgie is a new Web 2.0 service with a cause: a cause to support the cause of others. You can set up campaigns for your causes and request for donations. You need a Paypal account to receive donations, but not one to use Pledgie. Here's an excerpt from the site:

Pledgie's goal is to create an online version of the personal, one-on-one interactions that traditionally are at the heart of successful grassroots volunteerism

They provide you with many ways to spread your cause, which include a 'Send to friend' functionality, and a cool badge to put up on your webpage or blog. like this:

Click here to lend your support to: RAM 1.0 and make a donation at !

It's actually a Pledgeometer whose level will increase, when a donation is received.

The entire system relies on it's users, and malicious campaigns and frauds are requested to be reported.


MegaSearch: Search CD Covers online

Now, you could search CD Covers online, thanks to MegaSearch.

Categories include Audio covers, Video CD / DVD covers, Game Console Media (XBox, Wii, etc.) covers and PC CD Covers and more.

Advance Search Operators are available. Searches also have thumbnail previews.

Megasearch: Search Engine for CD Covers

Here's a live preview:

cd covers:

Online Chart Generator -

Just found an online Chart Generator here at

Before using this, do check out the help section to know more.

It can generate 2D, 3D charts and has various themes that include Excel like ones, XP-esque ones and others. Choose the colours, set the size, type the data in in a specific format as explained in the help section.

Get your chart as an image. Here's a sample from the site itself:

ChartAll Online Chart Generator

Firefox tip: Disable Browser window resizing

Though Web 2.0 has arrived, some websites still have the practice of resizing visitors' browser windows for some reason or the other.

This might prove seriously annoying and if you use Firefox, here's a tip to disable browser window resizing: In the Menu bar, navigate to Tools >> Options >> Content >> click 'Advanced' (near enable Javascript) and uncheck the option "Move or resize existing windows".

Your browser is now intact and cannot be resized by any website.

Via 5 Reasons not to resize visitors' browser windows